Meet the Team


Paulette Walker


Paulette Walker graduated from Phillip Institute of Technology ( now R.M.I.T.) at the end of 1991.

She has been practicing in Ashgrove since 1994. Paulette is an excellent manual adjustor. She also uses Activator and Neuro-Emotional Technique. One of her trademarks is her comprehensive knowledge and application of Sacro-Occipital Technique, a gentle technique that addresses organ and cranial dysfunction as well as spinal misalignment.

Paulette loves helping people of all ages and has completed post-graduate study in paediatric , sports and geriatric care. Her outside interests include her family, keeping fit and clay target shooting.
Garry Carless - Chiropractor

Garry Carless


Garry joins us after having recently returned from working overseas. Garry has owned and worked in practices in Belfast, London and Barcelona.

He studied chiropractic with Paulette, graduating from R.M.I.T. in 1994. He loves adjusting people of all ages, and has a particular interest in soccer and the role Chiropractic has in helping an athlete achieve full performance potential.

Garry Fox- Remedial Therapy, Emmett Technique

Garry is a skilled therapist. He has been able to assist many of our clients reduce muscular tension, stiffness and pain, and the symptoms these can cause.

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