• Remedial Massage

How It Helps

How It Helps

Remedial Massage Therapy helps to relieve tension, pain and improve overall flexibility. Studies have shown remedial massage to be helpful in many conditions, including headaches, TMJ syndrome, sciatic and low back pain.

The massage therapist assesses what might be causing your symptoms and tailors a treatment aimed to alleviate them. This type of massage may involve firm pressure, stretching and kneading, as well as some relaxation techniques.


Relaxation Massage assists in relaxing and " de-stressing" your body and mind. It consists of gentle, flowing strokes and muscle kneading. This type of massage imparts you with a feeling of overall wellbeing.

Ron Bass is our Massage therapist. He is highly skilled in the application and practice of numerous massage and relaxation techniques, having over 25 years of training and practice. Ron has Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Naturopathy, Counseling; Certificates of Swedish massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Acupressure. Ron is a Reiki master and a Life Coach.

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