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Chiropractic Therapy Ashgrove & Samford

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Australian Spinal Research Foundation Member
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We accept DVA clients and Chronic Disease Management Plans

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Chiropractic Services

Your nervous system is the command centre of your body. Originating from your brain, it controls your movements, thoughts, bodily functions and responses to the world around you. Chiropractors focus on the relationship between the nervous system and your spine, and how this may impact your wellbeing. They use adjustments to restore and maintain normal joint function, thereby reducing interference and irritation to your nervous system. An adjustment is a safe, specific, controlled force delivered to a joint. It can be manual (producing a clicking or popping sound), or it can be low-force. Our chiropractors utilise the technique most suited to your individual needs and preferences.
Chiropractic Therapy Services

What To Expect

If it is your first visit, you will be asked to complete a case history form. After completion, you will be shown to a treatment room by either reception staff or a therapist.

The chiropractor and/or massage therapist will discuss your case history form thoroughly with you, prior to initiating any treatment. A thorough physical examination is also completed prior to care.

Our Techniques

We aim to optimise health, well-being & life expression as a whole in all of our clients.
  • Sacro-Occipital Technique

  • The "Activator" adjusting device
  • Cranial manipulation
  • Manual adjustment
  • Neuro-Emotional Technique
Our Techniques

Ashgrove Chiropractic Clinic

Gentle, low-force techniques allow everyone - from infants to the elderly - to benefit from chiropractic care.

For more information on our chiropractor or remedial massage, contact us on 07 33666373

Ready to start working on your health?

Ready to start working on your health?

We aim to help you feel empowered on your journey to health and well-being